“The refrigerator would arrive on an August day in
1957 quite a few years before the family began to die — Uncle Pierre Paul was the first and he didn’t go until 1968 — and the excitement of that day melts into the sort of stillness that was Cheticamp.”

“I could not put this book down. Courage leaps out of the pages and draws you in.  It touched  my heart.”
                                                                                  ~  Rita MacNeil

Denise Cormier was born and raised in the village of Cheticamp on the west coast of the island of Cape Breton in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

In The Village of My Heart’s Mistake, she sets out the facts of her own life—the tranquility of a country childhood she strove to sustain far into adulthood, the emergence of the “curse of the Deveaus” from  the recesses of her family, the coming of modernity to a village that had relied, as had she, on its fishermen—to tell a story that is elemental, romantic, bitter, unsentimental, satisfying and true.

The Village of My Heart’s Mistake is illustrated with sixteen pen and ink drawings by Quebec artist David Abelson.

“Against the backdrop of a fading culture and an island of great beauty,
Cormier tells the touching story of a difficult life lived bravely, a story that
will draw you in unexpectedly.”
Paul Chiasson
                                     author of The Island of Seven Cities

“Denise Cormier’s stark account of the death of most of her extended family reads like a multiple murder mystery novel. One waits for the author to be struck dead in her own book. What actually happens will amaze you. ... An extraordinary account of the healing of a broken heart and a must read for health seekers and lovers.”

Daniel Doucet
                               author of Parables from Big Pond
                                           Elizabeth LeFort
                                           and other books



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