The Ralph Nader of dentistry blows the whistle on a profession that lost its way


In The Toxic Dental Office, Donald Robbins brings together the results of hundreds of independent studies and his own clinical experience in a book that must disturb anyone not already familiar with the facts. This includes many of us, since the dental revolution has gone largely unheralded by the understandably confused media. The implications of Robbins' work is wider and more personal than those of Ralph Nader's justly renowned Unsafe At Any Speed. Whereas Nader's book touched every person using an American-designed and built automobile, Robbins addresses every person who has been to a dentist and many who have not. His disclosures about the dental establishment apply to the United States and Canada - addressed directly in the book - and to virtually every country in the world. He and others like him hope to accelerate dental reform before outdated and discredited practices such as fluoride and mercury treatments, still part of contemporary dentistry, are allowed to spread to the huge populations of China and elsewhere in Asia.




Donald Robbins documents:

The so-called Fluorogate scandal, the breathtakingly sinister and cynical exploitation of unwitting American citizens that bureaucrats and scientists constructed in the 1940s to cover up the abuse of war-effort chemical workers. This maneuver led directly to the fluoridation of water in many North American cities.

The disbanding of the American Society of Dental Surgeons, a professional association that suspended members for using mercury amalgam, and its replacement by the American Dental Association, which until recently expelled members who did not use mercury amalgam.

The startling findings of mainstream studies that compare the 50% of U.S. residents served by fluoridated water systems with residents of unfluoridated areas.

The results of the U.S. Public Health Service study that exposed the link between fluoride exposure and osteosarcoma in boys.

An overwhelming assemblage of clear and indisputable fact that has been successfully hidden by the retreating dental establishment, including such straightforward bombshells as this: As of September 7, 2006, as determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the use of mercury in dental fillings is labeled unsafe.

The Toxic Dental Office, hair-raising as it is, conveys no message of despair. It doesn't announce the triumph of the "pea-shuffler" - the author's central metaphor for the manipulation of public opinion to support the old dental regime. Robbins makes it clear that modern dental science provides an array of materials and techniques that not only replace the discredited ones upheld for so long, but able to undo at least some of the harm done to dental patients. The missing ingredients are knowledge, courage, determined application and new legislation. Meanwhile, he provides readers with a clear program for avoiding dental toxicity and taking advantage at the dramatic advances in dental science.

Robbins divides his story into three main sections addressing mercury, fluoride and the heavy metals used in crowns, and a final, critical section that counsels readers how to regain their dental (and overall) health, assess dentists and finally choose a dentist who will do them no harm.


Dr. Donald Robbins graduated from and has taught at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, founded and directs the Dental Training Center in Exton, PA, a school licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and has practiced dentistry in Pennsylvania for thirty years. During the 1970s, he began to question the materials and procedures he had been taught to use. He looked under the rock of dental orthodoxy at the primary research literature. He and others like him found that however well-meaning the actions of his professional colleagues, they were perpetrating harm on their trusting patients. Robbins transformed his own practice, embarked on his own research studies and has become a public spokesman for modern dental reform.





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