SkinWorks  Dr. Barry Lycka

Encompass Editions announces the publication of the latest from
Dr. Barry Lycka, master cosmetic surgeon.



“ ...the rare combination of a careful scientific
and experienced medical practitioner who
combines patient care with sound practical
business considerations.”
David Apfelberg, Director,
Atherton Plastic Surgery Center,
Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery,
Stanford University

“This book is full of information you cannot

fi nd anywhere else. I think many readers will
find it very useful.”
Julius Newman, Past President,
North American Academy of
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

“Congratulations on a needed and well-written
text. Your style is fun. The book is very readable and chock full of helpful,practical and important tips.”
Mark V. Dahl
Professor and Chairman of Dermatology,
University of Minnesota Medical School

SKINWORKS   Dr. Barry Lycka

An eminent cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist writes for his patients. Dr. Barry Lycka gathers in this brief volume answers to the questions he hears most often - and sometimes most urgently - questions about those vital organs: our skin and the related tissues that most affect our appearance of youth, health and beauty.

Dr. Lycka writes from a lifetime of experience about skin aging and disease, treatments and therapies. He provides a no-nonsense catalogue of the remarkable techniques modern cosmetic medicine has brought to bear on the challenge of improving our appearance.

Peels and botox, electrolysis and cellulite, tummy tucks and facelifts, lasers and liposuction: they're all here - these and scores of other topics - all handled briefly and authoritively by a man who's devoted a career to improving his skills and other people's appearance.




paula abdul  and dr. barry lycka

"I've entitled my latest book SkinWorks because I want to emphasize how central your skin is to your youthfulness and beauty. I discuss hair and breasts and liposuction, certainly, but your skin is what holds you together and it’s what holds this book together. Most of us harbour a few dreams about changing ourselves for the better and I hope this book will help you achieve your dreams. Growing old should not be something we dread, but we don’t have to let its have its way every day either. There is now so much new understanding of health and nutrition — and so many marvelous techniques and procedures — it’s never been easier to look better and feel better.

I get to know many special people in the course of my work and sometimes I learn more from them than they learn from me. A few months ago Paula Abdul shared a scary thought with me. She said, “Every woman is terrified by two things: standing in front of a microphone facing an audience and standing in front of a mirror facing herself naked.”

As a cosmetic dermatologist, I confront this fear daily. My job is to help people transform their looks into the looks they like. I say “help” because it’s not something I can do alone; it’s something my patients and I work on together. That’s another reason I’ve entitled this edition SkinWorks.

It’s very gratifying, this work. If you ask me, I’m an extremely lucky man.

                                                         ~ Dr. Barry Lycka



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