Philip Kraske, author of Flight in February, enters a hall of mirrors with a portrait of the American political landscape that tells readers more about what is than what could be.

Sam Walker is a struggling young writer with a meagre contract to write yet another book about the so-called Miracle Election.

Then an anonymous note causes him to stumble on an incredible truth that makes his book an American legend to be read for generations. But Walker cannot help questioning a few loose ends in his own account.

Worse than the fate of an exposed liar is that of a truth-teller alone with the truth.




A political whodunit.

Who arranged the two scandals that sank the two major-party presidential candidates and allowed the Independent candidate to win?  Sam Walker, a dirt-poor writer of scholarly history books, discovers that someone is spying on him while he's writing a how-it-was-won book on the previous election. The book is entitled The Miracle Election because the Independent won when both mainstream candidates were ruined by damaging video tapes.

Then Walker receives an anonymous tip, and through his own backbreaking research, figures out the truth behind the Miracle Election: a harried campaign worker, through a horrendous mix-up, leaked the video tapes.  Sam writes a book, makes millions -- then discovers that his story was all wrong. Meanwhile, the campaign worker, through deft manipulation of the media, has turned into a national icon. But Sam's attempts to rewrite the story are doomed -- and for the most American of reasons. 


Philip Kraske

Philip Kraske was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1959 and grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota, just south of the villages that inspired Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon.


Kraske studied French, Spanish and Portuguese and received a degree in International Relations from the University of Minnesota. He has lived and worked in Quito, Ecuador, and travelled throughout South America and western Europe. He is currently at work on a novel set in Quito, untrod ground for English-language writers. He also teaches English and translates works by Spanish authors.

The growing divorce between Americans and their government is a constant theme in Kraske's first two novels. But beyond the themes these are thrillers packed with humor, terrific dialogue and wonderful characters.


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