Hui Zhi Song 

Encompass Editions is proud to announce the publication of Hui Zhi Song's harrowing account of life inside the regime of Chairman Mao — then her escape from that regime and from the curiously parallel tyranny of her own mother. 

"An inspirational tale of overcoming
hardship and loneliness and a  testament
to the power of faith and perseverance"

                ~ Prof. Mendel M. Green Q.C.


The Maoists robbed her family of its wealth. The Red Guards persecuted her. Her mother exploited her.

Bereft of love and full of grief, thirty-four-year-old Hui Zhi Song slipped out of communist China to start a new life alone in a promised land.

Then her troubles began.




"The reader cannot help but feel tremendously uplifted by Hui Zhi Song's perseverance and positive attitude. The basic human decency shown towards her by a few people helped her at critical points and her book ends in 1992, when she achieved her life’s dream: to own her own home.

Hui Zhi Song has lived a quiet and relatively normal life since then, but she experienced so much pain in her life—pain focused on her mother’s rejection of her—that it has taken her almost twenty years to decide to write this book.

I am privileged to say that I was one person who helped in a small way when it was needed. Hui Zhi Song's story is an inspiration to all those immigrants who have faced their own hell and ended up a winner."

                                   ~  Peter Martin,
                                   Managing Director (ret’d), CIBC World Markets


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